Guided Tours and Workshops

In a series of tours and public discussions art historians, curators and featured artists will provide insights into the themes explored by works in the festival.

Guided Tours in Cooperation with the Institute of Art History of the University of Leipzig

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Tanja Zimmermann and in the framework of the project module “Broken Bonds. Art and Democratic Processes”, students of the Institute of Art History of the University of Leipzig will offer tours of the main exhibition. Participants in the project group are Anna Magdalena Bohley, Jana Faro, Daria Frei, Sally Frey, Leonie Kennedy, Adelina Lohaj, Isabel Matschoke, Therese Mausbach, Jan Eric Scheel, Marie Charlotte Seidel, Lisa Wachter, Leo Wedepohl and Marie Christine Wickern. These students will also write short academic texts that will later be published on this website. The texts will examine above all social, ecological, ethical and politically engaged artistic positions.

28 June 2018, 3–6pm
Workshop in Cooperation with the Kupferstich-Kabinett der Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden: Exposing the Year 1990

This workshop will focus on the interim and transitional period after the collapse of the East German state in autumn 1989 and the photographic traces that were left behind. Three introductory lectures and a panel discussion with individuals involved in the historic events will attempt to explore how photographers accompanied, recorded and helped process the societal changes by means of images and other resources. At the centre of the discussion is the question in what ways and to what extent photography can be utilized to render more comprehensible the vast upheaval that began in 1990 and affected all areas of life for that and succeeding generations. We will also consider the question as to what role photographic images and image archives can now play in understanding the causes, structures and manners of dealing with present societal tensions.


With friendly support of VolkswagenStiftung and the Kupferstich-Kabinett der Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden.


3 pm Bertram Kaschek: Images and Annotations. Christian Borchert’s chronicles from the year 1990

3:40 pm Agneta Jilek: “Luxury Work”. A photo and text documentation of workers after the end of the centrally controlled economy

4:20 pm Philipp Freytag: Photography and History. Frank Gaudlitz’s images of the “Withdrawal of the Russian Troops” between document and reflection

5:00 pm Panel discussion with Christiane Eisler, Matthias Hoch, Harald Kirschner


Workshops in Cooperation with the Department of Art Education of the University of Leipzig

To make works and themes of the festival more accessible to younger audiences, f/stop will be collaborating with the Department of Art Education of the University of Leipzig. As part of the module “Theory and Practice of Art Reception” for students of the teacher training programme, six three-hour workshops supervised by Prof. Dr. Ines Seumel will be held at the site of the main exhibition. Together with eighth-graders from the Goethe-Gymnasium in Leipzig, poetic, linguistic, playful, associative, graphic and/or photographic manners of viewing and interpreting works in the exhibition will be developed.